Selecting A Lawn Service Has Many Considerations

Asking The Right Questions Is Important When Searching For A Lawn Service.

According to one study, nearly half of all customers might not use a business that doesn’t offer a website. Websites offer vital insight into a business, especially a lawn care business. Many customers want the ability to look at past jobsite photos to see what kind of work the business does. Pricing details are also important to customers who want to have an idea of how much the service might cost them. The ability to request a quote online is also a valuable time saver and engaging for customers who want to take full advantage of technology. 

Man With A Mower offers a comprehensive website that offers all of these options. Customers are able to see photos of past work, see current package pricing details, and order a quote right from the website. In addition, our website is responsive and has been programmed to work on computers, tablets, and cell phones. Our website also utilizes encryption and other security features to protect our customer’s electronic information. 

General liability insurance provides coverage if the lawn service damages your property, or possibly your neighbor’s property. How would you handle a situation if you hired someone to mow your lawn and the person or company wasn’t insured? What would you tell your neighbor if the guy you hired to cut your grass didn’t have the proper insurance after damaging the neighbor’s property–like a fence or siding? Commercial auto insurance is equally important since lawn service companies often use large trucks and trailers on your property and in your neighborhood.

Man With A Mower, LLC. has general liability and commercial automotive insurance for your protection. We believe in the responsible and professional operation of our company, and we take these matters seriously. 

Consumers are increasingly demanding more convenience and high-tech features from businesses. Electronic billing seems like an almost must-have in these modern times. Who wants to wait around for the “lawn guy” to show up so they can pay him? Mailed invoices are also a thing of yesterday. Who even gets bills anymore in the mail? Who writes checks anymore? 

You will never have to worry about any of this when ou hire Man With A Mower to cut your lawn. We can send a bill right to your email address or cell phone. All major credit cards are gladly accepted, and without any additional fees. We can even charge a card on file when we finish to make it even more hassle-free. 

Credit and debit cards play an important role in our new cashless society. They offer convenience and security when doing business. Many consumers find it very convenient to simply pay with a card instead of having to worry about having cash on hand. It is also important that the ability to pay with a credit card be done without any additional fees or hassles.

Man With A Mower, LLC accepts all major credit cards, without any additional fees. We also take part in the American Express #shopsmall campaign. Credit card convenience should be welcomed, not discouraged or avoided. 

One size does not fit all in the lawn care industry. Some customers simply want an economical cut, while others want a manicured lawn with detailed edging. Why do some lawn companies seemingly ignore this? Consumers order different service level packages from other industries, and it’s time for these options to come to lawn care. 

Man With A Mower, LLC offers multiple package options for customers to choose from. These packages were developed to accomodate the different needs and expectations of our customers. 

Nobody likes picking up after a pet has gone potty. It’s a messy and inconvenient job, and it can take time out of a busy schedule. Having a lawn care company do this can add value and convenience to the service provided, and it should be a consideration when selecting a service to mow your yard. 

Man With A Mower, LLC offers a Pet-Owner’s Package where pet waste is picked up before mowing. This ensures a cleaner and more beautiful yard for customers. 

Some lawn companies want their customers to sign a contract. What happens if the level of service provided isn’t what the customer is expecting? What if the customer’s situation changes? The quality of the service being provided should be the determining factor for an ongoing relationship with a lawn service. 

Man With A Mower, LLC does not impose any unnecessary contracts on its residential customers. We want our quality and reliability to be the determining factor in our customer relationships. 

No industry shoud ever operate without the proper safety equipment and clothing. Safety glasses save eyes from flying debris, gloves protect hands, and safety footwear protects feet. Loose clothing should be eliminated so it cannot get caught in machinery. Machine guarding should always be used.

Man With A Mower, LLC always encourages the use of safety equipment and clothing. 

Some companies and individuals, like the guy on Craigslist or Facebook, will show up with a residential grade lawnmower from a hardware store. This is not commercial-grade equipment, and it is not designed to deliver a professional result. The equipment will quickly break down as it is used beyond its intended purpose. This will lead to reliability issues, and prices might need to be raised as replacement equipment will cost more. In addition, unprofessional equipment is likely to be more inefficient and will lead to increased costs. The use of commercial-grade machinery is engineered to be operated on an all-day every-day basis, and often produces much more professional-looking results. It can also do this much more quickly than unprofessional equipment can. That’s why your yard looks so beautiful after a professional company has finished working in your yard. 

Man With A Mower, LLC uses commercial-grade machiney from Monroe County dealerships and stores, and our equipment is professionally-maintained by a trained mechanic in Monroe County. 

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